Letterpress Wedding: Summer in Paris

Kate and David live in Paris – so at any moment they can step outside and be in one of the world’s most romantic cities.  Their wedding day (just so we can all swoon a little) will include a Montmartre restaurant, the Eiffel Tower, and a river cruise down the Seine.

With a palette of mint green, soft grey and fuchsia, Kate and David wanted their invitations to capture that Paris magic…

I created an invitation suite with an antique Parisian flavour (Kate is a lover of all things vintage). The design draws upon the incredible and distinctive work of the 19th-Century Parisian typographers and ornament artists. This style of embellishment and contrasting classic typefaces was used on all kinds of printed pieces – invitations to grand balls, concert tickets, cards for jewellers, and even letterheads.

The mint and grey inks are letterpress printed on thick cotton card (it takes a beautiful impression) and accented by envelopes in fuchsia and shimmery silver.

A wedding like this… who could say no?

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5 responses to “Letterpress Wedding: Summer in Paris

  1. P

    These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much! I absolutely loved the whole design and print process…

  3. My favourite part of the wedding so far, receiving these was the moment my tummy lurched with excitement and we realised it was all real! Despite a very short turnaround, everything went very smoothly – thank you so much once again Helen, for putting so much thought into the design of our beautiful wedding invitations, and making sure they got here on time! They are truly perfect.

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