Flowers on the press

A few words about letterpress…

Letterpress is unique among all printing processes, sought after for its elegance, its compelling tactile quality and its deeply nostalgic feel. For centuries, letterpress printers around the world have been creating impressions on paper with inked metal and wood type. In my studio I use a huge and lovely 106-year-old Chandler & Price Old Style platen letterpress, along with a mixture of vintage cuts, metal type, and photopolymer and magnesium plates, to create original invitations, cards, announcements and social stationery.

When a letterpress piece is created, each illustration and area of text is made into an individual plate. Every sheet is fed into the press by hand, and every revolution of the flywheel brings together the paper and the inked plate to create an impression. Each colour requires a separate trip through the press, and every piece is checked and trimmed by hand. The result is a unique handmade keepsake, which creates a lasting impression with the exquisite look and feel that can only be achieved through letterpress.

The Sweet Olive Press studio is located in seaside Mississippi, where I design every invitation and announcement and print them myself, one by one. Letterpress is my business and my passion – a return to hand-crafted beauty in a mass-produced world.

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3 responses to “About

  1. Ana

    I just wanted to tell you how jadedly inspirational you are… cheers!

  2. Ana

    …unjadedly (oops)

  3. Kiki

    I just stumbled in the bookbinders blog by accident and enjoyed your blog a lot!!! Nearly same dreams on different continents! I’m an architect, but most of my time I spend in a printing museum (www.museen-rendsburg.de) doing kind of museumeducation.
    Every free minute (I’ve got 2 kids, husband, house to clean…) I spend on bookbinding and my dream is also to live in tuscany, speaking fabulous italian, binding books, going for a hike, reading and enjoying the lovely italian kitchen.
    Spent 6 months in Australia (ages ago) working in two different architecture offices.
    In Volterra (Tuscany) I once bought a nice print from an Australien artist couple called Peter and Susan Ward. They made their dream of living in Italy come true. No idea, if they are still there.
    Have a good time. Kiki from Germany

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