On the press : Paris summer wedding invitations

Here’s a walk through the process of printing the letterpress invitation suite for Kate and David’s summer wedding in Paris…

The picture above shows the magnesium plate for the scrollwork. And below is the black-and-white proof I used while setting up the job on the press and checking measurements and alignment.

The invitations go through the press for the first time – scrollwork in soft grey.

Next, the invitation text in mint-green ink. A second magnesium plate, new makeready, and another trip through the press.

While the mint ink was still on the press I set up and printed the green scrollwork for the response cards.

I printed grey text on the response cards…

…and more grey for the outer envelopes. In the picture below, I’m using my trusty AlignMate to make sure the return address is straight.

And in case you forgot what the end product looks like….

The end!  Much happiness.



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4 responses to “On the press : Paris summer wedding invitations

  1. Hmm… a little p.s. not quite worth including in the story: if it looks like overkill on the gauge pins — the extra base pin was already there because I was switching between stock sizes, so I used it instead of removing it.

    Felt the urge to explain. There.

  2. nicholas elliott

    Hi There,
    i just wanted to ask you where you got your gauge pins and who makes them… impossible to find any here in germany

    Kind regards,
    Nicholas Elliott

    • Hi Nicholas,
      These are Kort Adjustable Quad Guides and I order mine (by phone) from NA Graphics in Colorado. They also have an online ordering system at http://nagraph.com which might work better for you considering the time difference. They ship internationally. (I recommend both the gauge pins and NA Graphics!)
      Good luck

  3. Amanda Rose

    absolutely lovely! thank you for keeping a beautiful art alive and well!

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