Winter wonderland!

Snow globes and gingerbread houses!  Two completely festive things on one card, letterpress printed so that everyone who holds it will go whoa….

The design is hand-drawn and the cards are printed one by one – three separate trips through the letterpress for the three colours (whew!) and now, at last, they’re ready to go.

These cards are A6 size (slightly larger than all the rest in the shop) and they come in lovely boxed sets of six with shimmery silver envelopes.

Trust me, this is the perfect time to get started on your Christmas list….



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2 responses to “Winter wonderland!

  1. Oh I love it! Adorable! Gingerbread . . . great minds think alike! Cheers, Michelle

  2. 11studio

    These are beautiful, and 3 trips through the press…wow! Does everyone realize how much work that is?? Great job!! Merry Christmas, Bettina

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