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Letterpress save the dates: Spring flowers

sweetolivepresswedding I’ll put Katherine and Jeff’s save-the-dates here as a pretty diversion, until I can be a good blogger again…


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Deep breath – here they are: the last magnesium dies I’m printing before Sweet Olive Press wraps up operations in America (at least for now…!)

So I’ll have a few more lovely things to show you, before I leave.

. . .

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Coming to Europe

GREAT BIG ADVENTURES: This summer, Sweet Olive Press will be moving to Germany. (Germany!! It’s still sinking in.)

We’ve dreamed of living and working in Europe for years, and we’re so thrilled it’s finally happening! Um… and also nervous, yes.

Needless to say, a round-the-world move means Sweet Olive Press will be taking some “down time”, closing at least for the summer while we pack up our American lives (for now) and settle into our new country.

We’re leaving America in early June, but the press will be running and our doors will be open *until the middle of April*.

If you’ve been considering a custom letterpress project (wedding invitations! baby announcements! special notecards!) I’d love to work with you before we go. Please let me know about your idea as soon as possible so I can reserve you a place in the printing schedule!

If you’d like to get your letterpress fix from the ready-made collection, you’ll find gorgeous songbirds notecards, sweet birds-and-trees note sets and lots of other fabulous sets in the Sweet Olive Press online store!

While we make our move, I’ll be giving updates on all the adventures (and misadventures, no doubt) both here and at The Letterpress & the Hedgehog Room.

So, so much packing ahead…. wish me luck!  Tschuss!


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Espresso and letterpress

My beloved C&P is still #1 Fabulous Machine in my heart, but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with Miss Silvia.

The very lovely, very shiny Rancilio Silvia V3 was recommended first by Gerrod and Kristy, and then by Jules, and then by CoffeeGeek, and after two months of being spoiled by fiiiine coffee in Australia I knew we had to have our own.

Silvia presents an intimidating learning curve, but I’m a sucker for anything involving a complicated process, a lot of finessing and some serious risk of frustration (I’m looking at you, letterpress!).  I’ve gone from scared to smitten in the space of two weeks, and now basically any stranger who wanders near my kitchen is going to have an espresso forced upon them.

Or a latte – although my foaming technique is still a bit hit and miss. The latte pictured above I deemed a success, but the very next morning I made one so bad I poured it down the sink. I’m not quite reliable.

Nonetheless, my friends think they’ve hit the jackpot (“never paying for coffee againnnn!”) and I feel like I’m verging on another serious addiction.

Rancilio Silvia: recommend.

{Oh. Letterpress – I’ve been printing and printing and printing. In fact, Silvia has espresso-fuelled more than a couple of late nights at the letterpress. But since none of the invitations have gone out I can’t show them to you yet! Soon, soon…}

. . .

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Winter wonderland!

Snow globes and gingerbread houses!  Two completely festive things on one card, letterpress printed so that everyone who holds it will go whoa….

The design is hand-drawn and the cards are printed one by one – three separate trips through the letterpress for the three colours (whew!) and now, at last, they’re ready to go.

These cards are A6 size (slightly larger than all the rest in the shop) and they come in lovely boxed sets of six with shimmery silver envelopes.

Trust me, this is the perfect time to get started on your Christmas list….


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Letterpress rehearsal invitations: lowcountry style

Ryan and Tara were married last weekend in Charleston, South Carolina (the mere mention of that city makes me envious!) and these are the invitations I designed and printed for their rehearsal dinner.

The picture above (printed on lightly textured Italian card) shows the invitation guests received, but I played with a couple of different stocks during the printing process – a heavyweight cotton stock and a brown kraft.   The results (below) show how changing the card stock or even just switching envelope colours can produce very different looks.

And here’s a little on-the-press shot, right before the second colour was printed.

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I love cake

Oh-là-là! (What, I had to say it.)

Look at this beautiful little wedding cake that Kate sent all the way from Paris!  It came with the kindest thank you letter (I designed and printed Kate and David’s wedding invitations – a really exciting project) and the package arrived just in time for my birthday, which I conveniently took as a sign that I should eat it that very day.

So I did.  And it was amazing.

Merci Kate!!



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