Coming to Europe

GREAT BIG ADVENTURES: This summer, Sweet Olive Press will be moving to Germany. (Germany!! It’s still sinking in.)

We’ve dreamed of living and working in Europe for years, and we’re so thrilled it’s finally happening! Um… and also nervous, yes.

Needless to say, a round-the-world move means Sweet Olive Press will be taking some “down time”, closing at least for the summer while we pack up our American lives (for now) and settle into our new country.

We’re leaving America in early June, but the press will be running and our doors will be open *until the middle of April*.

If you’ve been considering a custom letterpress project (wedding invitations! baby announcements! special notecards!) I’d love to work with you before we go. Please let me know about your idea as soon as possible so I can reserve you a place in the printing schedule!

If you’d like to get your letterpress fix from the ready-made collection, you’ll find gorgeous songbirds notecards, sweet birds-and-trees note sets and lots of other fabulous sets in the Sweet Olive Press online store!

While we make our move, I’ll be giving updates on all the adventures (and misadventures, no doubt) both here and at The Letterpress & the Hedgehog Room.

So, so much packing ahead…. wish me luck!  Tschuss!



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5 responses to “Coming to Europe

  1. Until we make the “list”, I’m just going to pout. We leave on Monday
    for Cleveland; surgery on Thursday. Prayers are great!
    Oh, did I order 100?

  2. Wow–best of luck to you Helen!

  3. wow! good luck on the move! are you taking your press with you? would be interested in seeing photos of the move for that one 🙂

  4. I am always in search of good blogs about family and creativity. I came across yours and see you are moving to Germany! We moved to the Stuttgart area in Dec, into our house in January and now, pregnant, am finally adjusting. I just wanted to touch base with you. Its a big transition and let me know if I can help, save you some time by answering a question, figuring out tv, electriciy etc…. Its wonderful here and you are coming at a great time. By the way, you may want to check and double check all your appliances for the 220 V. Bring plenty of kids English books and toys… And all your Mac (or whichever) make up because it costs a small fortune here!! Willkommen!

  5. Bettina Thompson

    Best of luck to you Helen!! What an exciting adventure! I speak fluent German, in case you have any questions! Can’t wait to follow you through your blog!

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