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Letterpress birth announcement: Little Fox

Gerrod and Kristy moved from London to Australia not too long before baby Oscar made his debut, but being super-organised stationery lovers (well, Kristy is!) they hit the ground running with his birth announcement even in the midst of the chaos.

Kristy wanted a modern design in a sunny palette of blue, orange and yellow – and she was taken with the idea of a little fox (yes, the fabulousness of The Fantastic Mr Fox had a lot to do with it!)

Light and fun, all of it!  (I kind of want to hang it on my wall, for moments when I need a cheeriness boost.)

. . .



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Letterpress birth announcements: Halle Joan

I’ve waited forever to show you these pictures…

This birth announcement was a thrill to print – not least of all because little Halle is my niece, and she is absolutely ADORABLE.

Okay fine, I’ll save the overexcited-Aunty talk for later.

{Printed on a Chandler & Price Old Style press; magnesium plates; 5x7in 100% cotton card; mint, rose and chocolate hand-mixed inks; antique gold envelopes; print run of 100}


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Letterpress baby announcement: coral


A new letterpress baby announcement!  Hand-mixed coral ink and a polka-dot ribbon design worked beautifully with the adorable photo of baby Bella and her proud big brother.

The ribbon band and the text were printed separately, using two magnesium plates, so that a good impression could be achieved for both elements.


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