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Letterpress save the dates: Spring flowers

sweetolivepresswedding I’ll put Katherine and Jeff’s save-the-dates here as a pretty diversion, until I can be a good blogger again…


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Baby shower invitations


A little sneak peek at the first colour on these two-colour letterpress invitations I’m printing for a baby shower in Georgia…

The photo was taken on a rainy rainy night, so the light’s not up to much – but I love this burnt orange ink as an off-beat colour choice for a baby event. Next colour: dark silver! Stay tuned.


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Letterpress business cards: pillarbox red


Since they’ve arrived safely at their new home in London, I can finally show you photos of these business cards without spoiling any surprises. Of course Julian had already seen the design because he approved it, but there’s still something wonderful and surprising about holding letterpress cards in your hands for the first time.

For this job I used magnesium plates on 100% cotton paper (140#) and I hand-mixed several colours to get this fantastic pillarbox red ink.



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Sweet Olive Press business cards

sweet olive press letterpress business card

Running out of business cards is actually kind of great! It gives me a chance to take a fresh look at my card and – in this case – redesign it altogether.

I started out with a blind impression for the little flowers, but then I switched to printing with transparent white for an “almost blind” impression. The pattern just looked better and more uniform with a little ink on the press.

For the text, I hand-mixed a dark charcoal ink that jumps right off the card without being too harsh (black would’ve been a little much, really).

sweet olive press business card
The Chandler & Price is behaving beautifully – all ready to start printing the many (many!) custom projects and new stationery designs that are lined up for the next few weeks. I’ll keep the pictures coming…

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