I love cake

Oh-là-là! (What, I had to say it.)

Look at this beautiful little wedding cake that Kate sent all the way from Paris!  It came with the kindest thank you letter (I designed and printed Kate and David’s wedding invitations – a really exciting project) and the package arrived just in time for my birthday, which I conveniently took as a sign that I should eat it that very day.

So I did.  And it was amazing.

Merci Kate!!




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3 responses to “I love cake

  1. De rien, so pleased you enjoyed it! And delighted that it arrived in one piece, my packing was a little hapahzard, and on your birthday, yay! What a beautiful plate too…


    PS, it is from Meg Rivers bakery http://www.megrivers.co.uk/ they have a cake club, membership involves a delicious cake every month… just dropping that in…

  2. CAke in the mail – what a nice surprise . . . and a lovely little cake indeed! Hope you had a happy birthday! Cheers, Michelle

  3. Kate, I looked up Meg Rivers when I saw the name on the packaging and *oh my* what beautiful cakes! I will tell my brother in London…

    Michelle, thank you! It was such a lovely birthday; I was spoiled all around.

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