Not that I’m obsessed or anything… but you wouldn’t believe the coffee I’ve been having in Australia.

It is glorious.

And if there was a river of it, I’d float on down….


{Coffee credits: 1. Three Monkeys, West End; 2. Brother Espresso, downtown Brisbane; 3. Noop, Gumdale; 4. Gallery of Modern Art, South Brisbane.}



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2 responses to “Strong

  1. Yum – so jealous – those coffees are nothing short of glorious (and I too am obsessed) . . . is it just the angle of the photos, or do the Aussies coffee sans handle?

  2. Of the many (oh, MANY) coffees I’ve had here, only one has been in a cup with a handle. I drink mainly lattes, so it might be an Australian-latte thing. A research question, as they say! I will have to drink much more coffee in my pursuit of the truth!

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