Keep the bottle

Get out – it’s Hatch Show Print on a bottle of red!

The back reads: “Inspired by the bold iconic letterpress show posters that Hatch Show Print has enriched us with since 1879.”

My straight-shooting wine guy says it’s an excellent cabernet sauvignon but honestly, I would’ve bought it just for the label.  I confess: I can totally be suckered in by fab packaging. I am a marketer’s dream.

{Apparently there are three different labels for the same wine. Will I pester my wine guy to see if the others show up again? Yes. Yes I might.}



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6 responses to “Keep the bottle

  1. Roxy

    I have to admit for us Texans that’s one heck of a label!

  2. Kay HATCH Durrett

    I have received and given this as gifts to my brothers and from them. We are Hatchs from Aransas Pass, Texas, orginally from Big Spring, Tx. Every time we go to Nashville I go into the Hatch Print Shop to see what I can buy for my dad and Hatch relatives!

  3. Oh I’m longing to get over to Hatch Show Print to see more of their work! LONGING TO.
    I went to the exhibition when it was in New Orleans:


  4. ooooh! Is it wrong to engineer a menu to complement a wine label? If so, please don’t let on . . .

  5. Michelle, I engineered an entire gift basket to complement this wine label soooo…. I won’t let on if you don’t!

  6. ME

    The Malbec 2009 is not too shabby….by label and substance, to BOOT!

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