Letterpress birth announcements: Halle Joan

I’ve waited forever to show you these pictures…

This birth announcement was a thrill to print – not least of all because little Halle is my niece, and she is absolutely ADORABLE.

Okay fine, I’ll save the overexcited-Aunty talk for later.

{Printed on a Chandler & Price Old Style press; magnesium plates; 5x7in 100% cotton card; mint, rose and chocolate hand-mixed inks; antique gold envelopes; print run of 100}



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3 responses to “Letterpress birth announcements: Halle Joan

  1. Stunning. Flawless. So sweet!

    Oh, and the announcement is nice too! 😉

  2. Beautiful! I love your style here (obviously!)

  3. Ah, thank you so much! I loved printing these so much; it’s one of those things a far-off aunty can do to feel a bit involved. I’d prefer to give her a squeeze but that ocean gets in the way.

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