Ooohh, voting!

I’m up late-ish and I’m about to prep some files for platemaking (for a letterpress wedding suite I’m so excited about, by the way!) but first I wanted to share this bit of excitement – Sweet Olive Press has been nominated for The Poppies Awards in the Favorite Paper Goods category! Hooray!!

If you’re in a voting mood, I’d love you to click over to Poppytalk and cast your vote for Sweet Olive Press.  (You’ll need to scroll down the list a fair way…. oh alphabetical order, you are not my friend…)

Voting runs until Saturday, January 30. Thank you!!!! (Yes, I’ve now used up my quota of exclamation marks for the week…)

In other (non-voting-type) news, our kitchen renovation is finally finished! I’m so excited I will definitely be showing you pictures here, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with letterpress.  You watch.


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