O Holy…

We finally got the Christmas tree up.

Exactly two minutes later – in an unsupervised split-second – little man pulled it over on top of himself and earned some angry branch-scratches on his belly.

We calmed his howling, packed every last glass and ceramic ornaments into our Do-Not-Use box, and decorated the tree like this:

Please note the non-festive bottom half of the tree. It offends my aesthetic side but prevents trips to the ER, so I guess we’re even.

The rest is pretty (see Hello Kitty sharing space with the Sydney Harbour ornament we picked up back home in April.):

And the 2006 Berry-picture-ornament is here, next to a really lovely soft doll ornament Nathan’s mum sent:

My tree-decorating drink came in a bottle so pretty I wished I had a miniature to put on the tree (although it looks bizarrely like perfume):

I drank it instead, and all was well.

For those who’ve asked (and who have his leering image seared into their memories): NO, Feral-Rabbit-Angel did not get on the tree this year. The kids are just not scare-proof yet and besides, I don’t like his attitude.



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