Celebrate: letterpress for a cause

I designed these cards to honour Bryan’s mum, and women everywhere who face cancer with courage, and the families and friends who support them, and the researchers and fundraisers working tirelessly to find a cure.

We only met Bryan’s mother for a couple of days in New Orleans years ago, back when Bryan and Nathan and I were bar-hopping, stoop-sitting, black-cat-owning neighbours in the French Quarter. Bryan’s mum was sweet and off-beat and lovely, and I’ve always remembered her. I wish I’d had the chance to see her again.

When Bryan asked me to design some letterpress Christmas cards themed for breast cancer awareness, I felt completely inspired and filled with an urge to do something good. After many hours at the press, these are the cards:

…and this is the Good: I’m donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of these pink-ribbon Celebrate Love card sets to Susan G. Komen For The Cure® and the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers Foundation. Bryan’s mom supported both, and they supported her.

These cards are letterpress printed one by one on my 107-year-old Chandler and Price letterpress, creating an impression on luxurious 100% cotton (tree-free) stock. They are available in boxed sets in the Sweet Olive Press online store.



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4 responses to “Celebrate: letterpress for a cause

  1. Wish these were still avaiable….

  2. Justin

    Really wish we could get these in Canada I am a male and I do card making and I wish I could find some themed stamps and stuff for Xmas. The cards u made are amazing. We wanna do a card for the cure

  3. carmine annexy

    Do you still have these cards available?

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