Away we go

One thing I’ve noticed since moving from Australia to the United States is that over here the downhill dash to the end of the year starts much, much earlier.

If you’re so inclined, you can start fretting about Halloween costumes in late September and be in full panic by mid-October. The last week of October is all lollies and trick-or-treat and then hey presto, we’re into November and there’s Thanksgiving to plan (and plan and plan). As soon as the turkey’s done, Christmas is absolutely hurtling towards you.  Lovely! (I mean that!)

And so: while once I would have thought it was strange to be choosing Christmas cards in October, these days I say it makes perfect sense.

So here they are….


Hand-mixed inks for a gorgeous dark silver and a rich red… magnesium plates for a strikingly deep impression… luxuriously thick card made from 100 percent reclaimed cotton… and a message for all mankind.

Available with red envelopes in boxed sets of six and boxed sets of 30, they’re in the Sweet Olive Press online store now.  (Plan ahead! Blink and it’s Christmas!)


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  1. these are really pretty!

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