Life can be fun!

I’m so excited to show you the very first limited edition art prints from Sweet Olive Press!

“Life Can Be Fun” is a four-colour print (read: four separate trips through the press!) inspired by
Australian women’s magazines of the 1950s, and is the first in a series of works on this theme. I’ve been working on this piece for months, and I’m thrilled to be able to unveil it at last!


This is a limited edition of 110 prints, signed and numbered. The four colours were printed one by one, using magnesium plates and hand-mixed inks on my 107-year-old Chandler & Price Old Style letterpress – an enormous antique iron machine of great charm and mysterious history. This centuries-old printing process presses the images and letters into thick paper, for an impression you can see and feel.

I created this original artwork to reflect the captivating mix of style, earnestness, and buoyant promise of the time.

(Aside: there really was a 1955 ad that proclaimed “Life can be fun!”.)

Limited-edition “Life Can Be Fun” art prints can be purchased at the Sweet Olive Press online store!


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One response to “Life can be fun!

  1. These are AMAZING!!! I bet they are even more so in person, “in-hand” where you can feel the authenticity!!

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