Make Me A Poster…

I can’t believe I nearly missed American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print.  That would’ve been a tragedy!

Although the exhibition opened in New Orleans in August, I only found out about it last Wednesday, and it closed last Saturday. I juuuust scraped through on Friday – kids in tow – knowing I’d narrowly escaped massive disappointment.

I didn’t want to be the obnoxious girl using a flash in the gallery, so these images are a bit blurry. (Can we just call it atmosphere…?)

It was incredible, fascinating, inspiring. I looked at every print at least twice, while Berry ran around identifying hearts and the letter A and the number 4.

I came away full of happiness and admiration and wishing, for a crazy minute, that I had been born into a printing family that stretched back more than a century.

But I guess there’s more than one way for printing to get in your blood.


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