Letterpress business cards: Med Travel Club


I love the deep impression this logo creates – on the globe, the land looks like it’s rising right up out of the water.

I printed these business cards for Jason, who runs Med Traveler Club, a site which connects traveling rehab professionals around the country. I designed the logo with bold, spare symbols and used plenty of white space to create maximum impact in the clean design he wanted.


I printed the cards using magnesium plates from Owosso and hand-mixed inks on 100% cotton recycled stock.



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7 responses to “Letterpress business cards: Med Travel Club

  1. Travel J's Mom

    Helen, that you have a passion and talent is apparent! Absolutely Positively Stellar! I now have one of these little jewels in my possession.

    They also look amazing online.

    And I might add, perfect timing for MTC’s CEO to hand one or two out next week to yet another company looking to associate with MTC!

    Another WOWZER from Genius You!

  2. :)

    Absolutely loverly and then some!!! But you know how I feel about them already. In multiple formats. 🙂 You’ve outdone yourself with the double embossing (whatever you did to make it pop that took twice the time).

    You’re wonderful and the work is amazing.


    Travel J’s GF. 🙂 And a fan of goglets.

  3. Okay, this one is over the top. The definition in the
    design is really impressive. I can’t imagine that this
    CEO won’t get any business he wants!
    Just awesome – where will you show them?

  4. Mary Katharine

    This is the most memorable business card I have ever seen. Good work, Helen.

  5. Thank you so much, you guys! I loved working on this card, I really appreciate the kind words.

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  7. Love the way the logos are pressed in the cards, looking forward to more cards from your presses.

    CardsPress.com – Letterpress Business Card Inspiration

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