Petite Peony Letterpress Notes


Straight off the press … these are the petite peony letterpress notes I’ve been printing these past couple of weeks. There are two different styles, and I’m so delighted with the colour and the texture. The magnesium plates make a beautiful impression on the thick cotton stock.

The peonies are among several new note sets ready to debut at the end of this week, when I’ll bring the Sweet Olive Press online shop out of its “massive-custom-work-induced” mini-vacation!

I’ll be rolling out pictures of the new designs over the next few days – watch!




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4 responses to “Petite Peony Letterpress Notes

  1. Susan

    I must have!

  2. Travel J's Mom

    CAN’T WAIT to see the new designs this week.

    Helen … do you ever sleep longer than, say 2-3 hrs at night???


  3. Love the colour and the design, very pretty.

  4. They look gorgeous helen! beautiful impression 🙂

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